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 In approximately 1915, Einstein and Hilbert independently inferred a box equation of normal relativity established on the geometry then recognized to them. virtually considering that inception this equation used to be criticised via prominent physicists and mathematicians, particularly Schroedinger (1918) and Cartan (early twenties). The latter truly educated Einstein that the sort of geometry that he used had a basic mistakes in it, it passed over attention of a volume often called spacetime torsion and used the incorrect symmetry for the geometrical connection. those criticisms have been pushed aside whilst Eddington claimed to have verified a prediction of the idea, the attitude of deflection of sunshine grazing the sunlight was once two times the Newtonian value. It is celebrated via now that this declare by means of Eddington was once subjective, the standard mistake was once made from settling on information to slot a concept. It eventually grew to become transparent that the sector equation is hopelessly incorrect when the rate curves of spiral galaxies have been came upon within the overdue fifties. About that point a brand new iteration of mathematicians and theoretical physicists started to bring up the Einstein box equation into the geographical regions of natural mythology, it used to be claimed to have produced "big bang" (a derisory time period coined through Sir Fred Hoyle). it truly is referred to now experimentally that this declare is back hopelessly incorrect. So there's a domino impression occurring, all that's recognized in regards to the universe is completely improper as one BBC programme placed it lately. the cause of this is often using the inaccurate form of geometry through Einstein, correct at first of the topic.

             In 2003 one of the 4 authors of this publication started to build a unified box concept of basic relativity referred to as "Einstein Cartan Evans" or ECE concept. This time, the geometry was once right, and physics used to be in response to torsion. The ECE conception has built into about 168 resource papers to this point and a number of other books and articles through ECE students. It has made a good looking all over the world effect, indicating a superb dissatisfaction with the out of date physics. This ebook is the 1st to assemble the critical criticisms of Einstein which are now commonplace. now not only have cosmologists adhered to an incorrect geometry, like glue caught to marble, yet they've got additionally compounded this error by utilizing wrong equipment of resolution of an improper equation. the result's, unsurprisingly, absolutely flawed. one of many 4 authors of this ebook is the main serious and tenacious critic of those tools, Stephen Crothers, whose cautious scholarship has unearthed a few notable errors repeated in perpetuity. The first bankruptcy is an creation by way of Myron Evans, and within the moment bankruptcy he summarizes the improvement of ECE concept. The 3rd bankruptcy is through Stephen Crothers, and summarizes his a variety of criticisms of the wrong equipment of Einsteinian cosmology, criticisms made with attribute highbrow honesty for greater than a decade.The fourth bankruptcy is through Horst Eckardt, who uses desktop algebra and the Evans id of geometry to teach that each one the metrics which are options of the Einstein box equation are fallacious because of forget of torsion. The computing device algebra guarantees correctness and is the one solution to take care of the usually extraordinary complexity of the meaningless and out of date physics that grew like detritus round the Einstein box equation. The 5th bankruptcy is by one of the top astronomers in Britain, Kerry Pendergast, who supplies a readable account of the hot put up Einsteinian astronomy, how ECE idea could be utilized in astronomy and the way to come back to grips with Hawking's unexpected abandonment of his vast bang idea in 2005.

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163) is defined by: 4 ωr = κ20 − 4β loge r − . r Reduction to the standard model Coulomb law occurs when: 1 β= r when ωr = 0, κ20 = 0. 166) always holds. The reason why the standard model Coulomb law is so accurate in the laboratory is that it is tested off resonance. In this off resonant limit the ECE theory has been shown [1, 12] to give the Standard Coulomb law as required by a vast amount of accumulated data of two centuries since Coulomb first inferred the law. In general, ECE theory has been shown to reduce to all the known laws of physics, and in addition ECE gives new information.

25. Spinning space-time. This is a key new concept of electrodynamics, akin to curving space-time in gravitation. ECE has made the major discovery that the two concepts are linked ineluctably in relativity, and this has led to the abandonment of the EH equation. A suggested replacement of the equation has been made in recent work. 26. Counter gravitation. It has been shown that this is feasible only by using resonance methods based again on the spin connection and the interaction of gravitation and electromagnetism.

The theoretical value of g from ECE theory was found by using Eq. 002323(49). 0000000000075. 217) which is about the same order of magnitude as the experimental uncertainty of h. Therefore it was shown that ECE theory gives g as precisely as the experimental uncertainty in h will allow. The standard model literature was found to be severely self-inconsistent. 8. RADIATIVE CORRECTIONS IN ECE THEORY without uncertainty estimates. This is different in the fourth decimal place from the NIST value given above, a discrepancy of four orders of magnitude.

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