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1-. l \ • _ ... /1I I I I A I~/". --1~-::. : r r'~ Z \ '... -----...... / Fig. 12. When the pressure is negligible the plasma acquires a drift velocity v such that the electric field in the moving plasma is parallel to B. Therefore current flows only along the magnetic lines of force. Fig. 13. The current density components are. i¢ and iz , the magnetic field components B¢ and B z . io is the current density amplitude andB o the magnetic field strength, both along the Z-axis. so that the plasma as a whole moves radially inward.

3) or by several double layers. Both these phenomena are caused by upward field-aligned 33 CHAPTER II Table 11:1 Results from some laboratory experiments are summarized in Table 11:1. 0, and the layer thickness L. As a measure of the space charge strength within the layer = (AoIL) (eVolkTe)1I2 has been used. , 1978; Torven, 1979). Experiment Coakley et al. Lutsenko et al. Quon and Wong Torven and Babic Torvenand Andersson Joyce and Hubbard (num. 0 L kTe currents, which tend to transport electrons from the magnetosphere downwards to the ionosphere.

6z. the gun. The plasma then moves through a drift tube, where there is no exchange of energy, to another condenser, called the deceleration region D. The gun is energized from a battery with the voltage Vo, which is connected to the plasma gun through a resistance RA via a double switch S which is closed when the gun is activated. The deceleration condenser is connected to a resistor RD. spect to ground. 6z. Further, it is assumed that electrode phenomena in A and in D can be neglected (this means that all electrodes can emit ions and electrons without limitation, but the increase in mass M because of this can be neglected).

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