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An identifier for a definition must be spelled consistently (with respect to case) throughout a specification. When comparing two identifiers to see if they collide: • Upper- and lower-case letters are treated as the same letter. Figure 2 on page 3-3 defines the equivalence mapping of upper- and lower-case letters. , “Á” and “A” are not considered equivalent). • All characters are significant. There is only one namespace for OMG IDL identifiers. Using the same identifier for a constant and an interface, for example, produces a compilation error.

Characters in concatenated strings are kept distinct. For example, "\xA" "B" contains the two characters '\xA' and 'B' after concatenation (and not the single hexadecimal character '\xAB'). The size of a string literal is the number of character literals enclosed by the quotes, after concatenation. The size of the literal is associated with the literal. Within a string, the double quote character " must be preceded by a \. A string literal may not contain the character '\0'. 3 Preprocessing OMG IDL preprocessing, which is based on ANSI C++ preprocessing, provides macro substitution, conditional compilation, and source file inclusion.

TABLE 7. Punctuation Characters ; { } : , = + - ( ) ' " \ | ^ & * / % ~ < > [ ] In addition, the tokens listed in Figure 8 on page 3-6 are used by the preprocessor. TABLE 8. Preprocessor # ## Tokens ! 0 July 1995 3 Integer Literals An integer literal consisting of a sequence of digits is taken to be decimal (base ten) unless it begins with 0 (digit zero). A sequence of digits starting with 0 is taken to be an octal integer (base eight). The digits 8 and 9 are not octal digits. A sequence of digits preceded by 0x or 0X is taken to be a hexadecimal integer (base sixteen).

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