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By Richard M. Pico

In a ebook that might profoundly regulate the trendy discourse on brain and impact the perform of neuromedicine, neurobiologist/neuropsychiatrist, Richard M. Pico unveils a innovative new method of figuring out attention that pinpoints its origins within the mind. known as organic Relativity, the technique combines the legislation of physics--especially Einstein's legislation of relativity--to the most recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, molecular biology, and computational thought to create a coherent 4-dimensional version for explaining the origins of existence and the emergence of complicated organic systems--from the dwelling telephone to the considering mind.

In a desirable, bold narrative that attracts upon a life of experimental and medical paintings, Dr. Pico tells a riveting tale that starts within the imponderably far-off earlier, with the 1st proto-cell that persisted lengthy sufficient to develop into its personal body of reference--both structurally and temporally--and culminates with the main complicated organic referent process recognized to technological know-how, the human mind. He then elaborates his groundbreaking concept via discussions of things like the origins of language, song, and arithmetic. He explains why he believes recognition is uniquely human, and explores the factors and power remedies for numerous concept problems.

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First, the background system of matter and energy (the active biosphere) has played the role of conductor in evolution's orchestra. That is, the temporal dimension that has set the pace for all reactions along the shorelines of the oceans, on the clay surfaces of ponds and lakes, and in the 42 DIMENSIONS OF LIFE interior solutions captured by protocell membranes was the single clock of the entire Earth in action. The rise and fall of all fluctuations of radiant energies and the energies contained in molecular bonds determined the measure of time, the measure of existence for each and every chemical reaction, and thus the measure of existence for each and every protocell.

As we move into the world of biology, we must continue to remain acutely aware of the fact that everything that we read, view, hear, think about, remember, and know is created in our minds. We as humanity provide an organization, an order, to all our knowledge, and the same processes that create order and knowledge may also at times create illusions. Illusions of space, time, dimension, and cause and effect that arise from the temporal order of information, as it flows through our minds, also form information in our physical memories.

Il snonjy stale June Figure 2-1 ALL chemicaL reaction? must overcome a naturaL barrier in order to form new moLecuLes. The activation energy defines the threshold energy necessary to accomplish either the synthesis of Larger molecules from smaLLer ones or the breakdown of molecules into smaLLer constituents. An energy-releasing reaction is HLustrated in this figure. energy) of the reaction. The chemical reactions contained in a fire produce a rapid generation of heat energy that reflects the rate of reaction.

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