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By T. N. Rescigno, C. W. McCurdy, A. E. Orel, B. H. Lengsfield III (auth.), Winifred M. Huo, Franco A. Gianturco (eds.)

The collision of electrons with molecules and molecular ions is a basic seasoned­ cess in atomic and molecular physics and in chemistry. At excessive incident electron en­ ergies, electron-molecule collisions are used to infer molecular geometries, oscillator strengths for optically allowed transitions, and with regards to electron-impact ionization, to probe the momentum distribution of the molecule itself. while the incident electron power is analogous to or lower than these of the molecular valence electrons, the physics concerned is especially wealthy. Correlation and trade results essential to describe such collision procedures undergo an in depth resemblance to related efft:cts within the concept of digital constitution in molecules. Compound country formations, within the kind of resonances and vir­ tual states, occur themselves in experimental observables which offer information of the electron-molecule interactions. Ro-vibrational excitations by way of low-energy electron collisions exemplify power move among the digital and nuclear movement. The function of nonadiabatic interplay is raised right here. whilst the ultimate vibrational kingdom is within the continuum, molecular dissociation happens. Dissociative recombination and dissociative attachment are examples of such fragmentation techniques. as well as its basic nature, the research of electron-molecule collisions can be stimulated by way of its relation to different fields of analysis and through its technological appli­ cations. The research of planetary atmospheres and the interstellar medium inevitably contain collision strategies of electrons with molecules and molecular ions.

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