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By Timothy Y. Chow, Daniel C. Isaksen

This quantity includes the lawsuits of a convention held in July, 2007 on the college of Minnesota, Duluth, in honor of Joseph A. Gallian's sixty fifth birthday and the thirtieth anniversary of the Duluth study event for Undergraduates. according to Gallian's notable expository skill and huge mathematical pursuits, the articles during this quantity span a wide selection of mathematical themes, together with algebraic topology, combinatorics, layout conception, forcing, video game idea, geometry, graph concept, workforce conception, optimization, and likelihood. a few of the papers are in basic terms expository whereas others are examine articles. The papers are meant to be available to a common arithmetic viewers, together with first-year or second-year graduate scholars. This quantity will be specifically helpful for mathematicians looking a brand new learn zone, in addition to these seeking to increase themselves and their examine courses by means of studying approximately difficulties and strategies utilized in different components of arithmetic

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Denote the next largest cardinals after ℵ0 . As usual we can mimic the proofs of these facts about cardinal numbers with formal proofs from the axioms of ZFC, to conclude that there is a set in M that plays the role of ℵ2 in M . We denote this set by ℵM 2 . Let us now construct a function F from the Cartesian product ℵM × ℵ into the 0 2 set 2 = {0, 1}. We may interpret F as a sequence of functions from ℵ0 into 2. Because M is countable and transitive, so is ℵM 2 ; thus we can easily arrange for these functions to be pairwise distinct.

Note that any A-simple function must, for all but finitely-many k, assume the same value on 4k + 2 as it does on 4. Thus, it would follow that X ⊕ (4k + 2) − Sn (4k + 2) > ε/2 for some (dependent on n) infinite subcollection of the aforementioned values k, and then further that any A-simple function lying above X ⊕ − Sn ∧ ε/2 must also lie above ε/2 · 1{4} , so that ε 1{4} P . X ⊕ − Sn P ≥ 2 This value is greater than or equal to (ε/2)(1/2), since, as we observed earlier, there is an extension of P which takes the value 1/2 on {4}.

1) P → 0. We use the following representation for the functions Sn : an,i 1Ai + Sn = i≥1 bn,i 1Bi + i≥1 cn,i 1Ci + dn . i≥1 Of course for each n, all but a finite number of the coefficients an,i , bn,i and cn,i must be 0. We observed earlier in this proof that P can be extended to a probability Q taking a strictly positive value on each element of Ω. 2) lim Sn (ω) = X ⊕ (ω) n→∞ for each ω. Let k ≥ 1. 3) = Sn (4k + 2) − Sn (4). Observe also that k Sn (4k + 1) = an,k + cn,i + dn i=1 21 11 EXPECTATIONS and k Sn (4k + 3) = bn,k + cn,i + dn .

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