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34: ... ). Wray (forthcoming) discusses the Senecan passage (Consolatio ad Marciam 16) further. 38 B. ROLLER MATTHEW and comprehensible to persons elsewhere and elsewhen. These characteristics of monuments, in turn,expose an importantaspect of Roman historical consciousness. In the discourse of exemplarity, the past is by no means a "foreign country," but is ethically and culturally homogeneous with the present. The "Manly Maiden" Every monument, commemoratingevery doer of deeds, can and must transcend historical contingency in the mannerjust described; Cloelia's monuments are illustrativebut not distinctive in this respect.

Ill. 11-13. 68. Earliest reference: Piso frag. 20 Peter = frag. 27 Forsythe = frag. 22 Beck-Walter (apud Plin. 29); discussion at Forsythe 1994, 252-57. Differences from the Livian account: she tricks the guards at Dion. Hal. 1, De vir. ill. 13, Schol. in luv. 264; she crosses alone at Flor. 3, Serv. in Aen. 646; by night at Val. Max. 2; on horseback at Val. Max. 2, Flor. 3 (alternative versions-swimming or crossing on horseback-given at Plut. 2, 8, Mor. 250C-F), De vir. ill. 13. Tarquinsattack returninghostages: Plut.

See Bernard 2000, 214-19, on Livian portrayalsof women, noting Cloelia's exceptionality. 83. Late etymologies connect virgo with vir through words like vis and viridis (Barton 2001, 41-42). But whether Romans of the late Republic and early Empire regardedthese words as connected etymologically, or saw any other intrinsic link between these social categories, is uncertain. 40 B. -we must closely examine her action and the evaluations our texts say that it received. On the one hand, the evaluation is always positive, and she is almost always credited with "manliness"in some formwhether by having virtus or &v6pEiaascribed to her, or by being compared favorably to men.

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