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"Hidden in simple Sight 2" is an informative theoretical physics booklet that appears at a potential option to the unsolved mysteries in the back of gravity, darkish power, and black holes. i discovered this publication to be both and in a few respects much more fascinating than his prior ebook, "Hidden In simple Sight". during this rendition, Dr. Thomas appears at numerous unsolved difficulties in theoretical physics. once more, I'm now not a certified physicist and can't make any assertions to the validity of the theories provided during this ebook yet at least I welcome the author's enticing and available strategy that makes such books stress-free for the laypersons to learn. This bold 170-page publication contains the next 9 chapters: 1. advent, 2. Gravity, three. Cosmology, four. darkish subject and darkish power, five. Black Holes, 6. The cleaning soap Bubble Universe, 7. Gravity Revisited, eight. the best way to Create your individual Universe, and nine. Conclusion.

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7). How сап we iпcrease its iпterпal eпergy ? Опе way is to heat the cyliпder. The warm iппеr side of the cyliпder transfers some energy to the air as mo]ecules in the air collide repeatedly with molecules in the glass surface. Th is is heat traпsfer. Aпother way is to move the pistoп i nward . The force required to move it multipl ied Ьу the distance it moves is work , and this work is transferred to the internal energy of the air. The tem­ peratu re of the air rises, just as i f it had Ьееп heated.

Units of Sec. 5 lntemal energy and heat universal concept сараЫе of changing its appearance drastically without ever changing its total magnitude. * Once they had unified the ideas of heat and mechanical energy, the greatest hurdle was surmounted. I t \Vas then easy to add electromagnetic energy and chem ical energy and eventually nuclear energy. The important thing \vas their proposal of а general law of energy conservation. If stirring а container of water with а paddle seems а childish pursuit for а grown man, consider its implicat ions.

Heat is often coпsidered yet aпother form of eпergy. То Ье more exact, it is а maп i festatioп of energy transfer Ьу m olecular collisions. If warm alcohol is added to cold water, the alcohol molecules l ose energy and the water mo]ecules gaiп eпergy. Eпergy has Ьееп traпsferred from alcohol to \Vater, апd the t ransfer has Ьееп e ffected Ьу а multitude of m olecular collisioпs. Heat, like work, is more а пате for ап eпergy curreпcy thaп а пате for а "real" eпergy. It is а mode of eпergy exchange.

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