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By David Niall Wilson

While the sensors of the U.S.S. Voyager discover ample flowers on an unexplored planet, Captain Janeway leads an Away group looking for clean nutrition offers. They locate lavish gardens inhabited by way of an enigmatic alien race that holds the gardens sacred. The fragrent blossoms are attractive, engaging -- and much extra risky than they seem. one after the other, the Away group starts to fall into deep comas from which they can't be revived. Unwilling to unfold the ailment to Voyager, the Away crew is trapped in the world until eventually a healing are available, yet their research is perceived as desecration through the religious worshippers of the gardens. Pursued by way of a fanactical mob, slowly succumbing to the insidious influence of the blossoms, Janeway faces both a violent dying -- or an unending sleep.

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Two of the others that had been selected for the party walked at his side Ensign Kayla, a young Bajoran woman who'd come aboard when the Maquis ship had been sacrificed, and Ensign Fowler, a junior engineer. As Kim stared in amazement at the ruins and the imposing walls of the jungle looming to either side, Kayla took the chance to stare at him. Her eyes were appraising and approving, and Fowler, walking just to the other side of her, grinned as he noticed. "Nice view," he commented, tapping Kayla on the shoulder.

Before she could answer, Neelix piped in "Do you think it will affect you again? Perhaps you should return to the ship. . " "We aren't going to risk infecting my ship," Jane-way snapped, "until I find out just what's going on here. " "No, Captain," Kes replied, "but I'm certain that whatever, or whoever, that was, they mean us no harm. I don't think it has anything to do with Kayla, but there was a trace of Kayla in what I felt, Captain. Again, I don't know how to explain that. " "I agree," Tuvok cut in.

None that I can detect. I've already run a system diagnostic, and we're fully operational. There's no sign of subspace interference. I've tried varying the bandwidth and frequency of the scan to both ends of the spectrum, but I get the same reading. " Janeway turned from Mr. Kim's console and slapped the communications badge on her chest. "Mr. " There was a moment's silence, then Neelix's cheerful voice floated out from the computer's speakers. "But Captain, I have this wonderful N'llanthyan stew on the stove!

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