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By Gervasio S. Carvalho, Michael D. Webb

South the US techniques a striking variety of insect species. while most folks are conversant in its butterflies few understand that there's a workforce of both vibrant and engaging bugs. those are in most cases known as both Spittle insects, as a result of the watery excreta produced via the younger or Frog-hoppers, the latter concerning their nice skill to leap. In South the USA, also they are recognized for the intense harm they reason to pasture grasses and sugar-cane. This e-book presents the 1st entire and wonderfully illustrated consultant to this kinfolk of jewel-like bugs. approximately each species is integrated in awesome color including line drawings to assist id. attractive photographs also are given of the bugs within the wild. This booklet is geared toward museum curators, researchers, agronomists and beginner hobbyist and it was hoping that it'll stimulate additional paintings in this interesting and richly vibrant workforce of bugs. The textual content features a entire record of species with accomplished synonomies and chapters on type, replica and biology. Gervasio Silva Carvalho is Professor within the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul - Porto Alegre, Brazil. He has released nearly 27 papers on morphology, systematics, ecology, and biogeography of bugs. His curiosity in Neotropical Auchenorrhyncha (particularly Cercopidae) began along with his Masters measure (1979-1981) and persevered along with his PhD thesis got in 1992 lower than Professor Albino Morimasa Sakakibara. Mick Webb is Curator of Hemiptera on the traditional heritage Museum, London. On becoming a member of the museum in 1966 he labored lower than Dr. invoice Knight from whom he constructed his curiosity in Auchenorrhyncha. The museums wealthy collections from in the course of the international has enabled Mick to submit commonly on tropical cicadellids (his major curiosity) whereas his touch with scientists from through the global, either on the BM and through legit visits in another country, has ended in many worthwhile collaborative tasks.

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Paradoxically, this specimen has recently been determined as Plisthenes merianae (Fabricius, 1775), a species with a non-Neotropical distribution. In addition to C. cruentata, a specimen of C. pubescens Fabricius, is also present in Bosc’s collection; both specimens have characteristic Bosc black-bordered labels. However, there seems little to suggest that these Bosc collection specimens are types, particularly as in the case of C. cruentata its data label reads ‘Cayenne’ (French Guiana), which is at variance with the type locality of Surinam.

380. ssp. paspali Fennah, 1949b: 716; Metcalf, 1961: 149-150. , Venezuela (BMNH). Fig. 381. ssp. propinqua (Walker, 1851: 671) (Triecphora propinqua); Metcalf, 1961: 150151. Holotype †, Venezuela (BMNH). Fig. 714. ] ssp. saccharina (Distant, 1909: 196) (Tomaspis saccharina); Metcalf, 1961: 151163. Syntypes 5†, 10‡, Trinidad, Antilles, St. , Grenada (BMNH). Figs 227, 555, 556, 620. [The type genitalia (as ‘holotype’) were figured by China & Myers, 1934: 453, fig. 1b, 1i, 2c. The types are referable to Williams’s (1921) plate 1, figs 3-4.

Some further confusion has arisen regarding the identity of the cercopid, C. marginata. Although Signoret (1853) correctly identified it as a senior synonym of the cercopid Sphenorhina rufivaria Walker, this action was not followed by Stål (1870) and subsequent authors who identified it as a cicadellid (see Metcalf, 1961 and footnote*). The putative type of C. marginata (HMAG) matches the original description (see Appendix 3) and it is unclear why Stål (usually an accurate worker) placed it in the cicadellid genus Gypona Germar, together with several other Fabricius South American Cercopis species, that he correctly placed in Gypona.

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