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2 other than item b). A manual operating device should be sited in a readily accessible position outside the scene dock. 1 Commentary Unless adjoining car parks are adequately separated from the parts of the building used for assembly and the escape routes therefrom, there is a risk to the occupants of the assembly building in the event of a fire in the car park. 3 for venting smoke. 1 Commentary In kitchens, staff restaurants and canteens the main fire risk is associated with the kitchen; it is therefore desirable that the kitchen be separated from its associated restaurant/canteen area by fire-resisting construction.

2] should be independent of the escape routes serving public areas. c) An inner room, a prop room or a quick change room should be provided with escape routes arranged to pass through not more than one access room, and at least one of the following provisions should apply to inner or prop rooms: 1) the enclosures between the inner or prop room and the access room are not carried full height; 2) a vision panel is provided between the two rooms in a suitable position and of a suitable size; 3) the access room is fitted with at least one smoke detector that operates an alarm in the inner or prop room.

Scene docks 16. 4 11    Robust solid non-combustible  construction having a minimum  standard of fire resistance of 60 minc                Robust solid non-combustible construction having a minimum standard of fire resistance equivalent to that required of the elements of construction of the building and in no case less than 60 minc Not higher fire risk areas. Other than waste storage and treatment areas (see Clause 22). Any openings in the required construction to be protected by doors having a similar standard of fire resistance.

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