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By Angus Konstam

In the course of the moment international warfare, flotillas of the Royal Navy's Motor Torpedo Boats and different coastal forces fought a dangerous battle for regulate of the English Channel and the North Sea. those small, speedy boats attacked enemy convoys, escorted freighters, landed mystery brokers or even raided enemy ports. Unsung heroes, those craft and their tiny crews helped stave off defeat in the dead of night days of 1940. a similar vessels then took the struggle to different waters, and by means of the tip of the battle, British MTB's had visible provider within the Mediterranean, the Baltic and the a ways East. This ebook examines the advance and operation of those frail, modern little warships, and describes the best way they have been manned and the way they fought.

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They were a development of the earlier Haruna class completed in 1973/74 and of a very similar design. The later ships were slightly larger, a 20ft (6m) longer hull allowing a 200-ton increase in standard displacement, and can be distinguished by their two separate funnels, as opposed to the split trunk single funnel of the Harunas, and these are offset, the fore funnel to port and the after one to starboard. A prominent feature is the large hangar amidships with a large flightdeck leading aft.

88As are currently embarked. A passive TAS will be fitted in the near future to supplement the bowmounted active DSQS-23BZ sonar and the Lynxes are fitted with AQS-18 dipping sonar. 46 or DM 4A1 homing torpedoes which are fired from fixed tubes located within the hull just forward of the hangar. An automated magazine system allows for rapid reloading Schleswig-Holstein (F216), Brandenburg class Type 123 frigate. (German Navy) HMS Cornwall (F99), the first of four Type 22 Batch 11/ frigates. 75in) torpedo tubes, Stingray A/S torpedoes; Type 182 or SLQ25A torpedo decoys Sensors: radar Marconi Type 967/968 medium-range air and surface search; Type 1007 navigation; Marconi Type 911 fire control; sonar: Type 2050 active search and attack; Type 2031 passive towed array Aircraft: 2 helicopters (max) Bayern (F217), Brandenburg class Type 123 frigate.

29 octuple launcher for Sea Sparrow short-range SAMs. Finally, a Goalkeeper CIWS is mounted right aft on the stern. Both of these ships, and the two remaining standard Kortenaers, are fitted with twin SATCOM antennae, carried on high platforms just forward of the funnel. T HIS VERY SUCCESSFUL CLASS OF TEN general-purpose frigates was completed between 1978 and 1983. These ships were contemporary with the British Type 22 frigates and, although efforts to achieve common design did not come to fruition, both classes used the same OlympusfTyne gas turbine machinery installation and each had a twin hangar to allow operation of two Westland SH-14 Lynx helicopters.

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