British Guided Missile Destroyers: County-class, Type 82, by Edward Hampshire, Paul Wright PDF

By Edward Hampshire, Paul Wright

In the years after international warfare II, new guided missile know-how provided floor ships the opportunity to ruin airborne threats from afar, thereby conserving their position in naval struggle. This publication examines the expertise and strive against functionality of Britain's guided missile destroyers over part a century.

Uniquely between sleek destroyers, 3 of those periods were demonstrated in conflict opposed to the airplane and missiles of one other sleek navy--in the Falklands War--and have been additionally deployed in the course of the Gulf struggle. Written by way of knowledgeable on British naval expertise, this ebook check the altering know-how of the Royal Navy's destroyers, together with an exam of the Royal Navy's most recent and such a lot able warship, the kind 45.

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The loss of her Chinook troop helicopters was particularly keenly felt by the land forces. For naval losses this was the worst day for the task force. Of those that had survived so far, many vessels were either damaged or developing defects from such a long time on operations far from bases. However, 25 May would also prove to be the turning point in the naval campaign. Other attacks were made, but with decreasing regularity and with perhaps a reduced willingness to press them home. The last attack on the task force occurred on 30 May.

The islands had been claimed by Argentina (inheriting a pre-independence Spanish claim) for many years, but domestic factors, including the military government’s increasing unpopularity, pushed the Argentine president, General Galtieri, into ordering the invasion as a populist measure. The population of the islands was predominantly of British background and had long been in favour of remaining under British rule. The British government had been unprepared for such actions, but quickly ordered the assembling of a naval task force to head south, and if necessary retake the islands.

MoD Naval Historical Branch) 42 would not be expected by the Argentinians, who would presume that a landing would occur close to the capital Port Stanley. To encourage this perception, HMS Glamorgan was assigned to lead Operation Tornado, bombarding the area near Stanley and sending dummy signals, in addition to other activities as a deception. The real invasion – Operation Sutton – would be led by HMS Antrim, which would lead the escort force protecting the assault ships Fearless and Intrepid and the troop carrier Canberra and a number of other vessels.

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