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4 Quoted. In: Jean & John L. Comaroff, Of revelation and revolution. Volume II: The dialectics of modernity on a South-African frontier (Chicago / London, ), p. . 3 understanding snv’s background  Yet precisely because the missionaries linked ‘civilisation’ with their particular view of modernity, Christianity came to be seen as being related to missionary schools, hospitals and workshops. Through these various activities, the missions might grow into famous centres with a widespread reputation over large areas.

For example, relatively little will be said about relations between SNV and state politics, about financial aspects, and about SNV’s bureaucratic history. We also had to make a choice in geographical terms: it would not have been efficient or useful to try and study all the countries in which SNV has been active. Seven countries were chosen as case studies, although material from interviews and archival documents on other countries is included too. General criteria for selection were a considerable length of SNV activities and, for logistical reasons, a current SNV presence in the focus country.

9 Following criticism of the brutalities of the colonial system, notably after the publication of an article entitled ‘Een eereschuld’ (A Debt of Honour) in , the Dutch ethical policy was introduced to increase the welfare of the ‘native’ population through irrigation, emigration and education. In the programme’s irrigation component, many of the projects in the field of agriculture, water and credit facilities were realised, while the emigration part was intended to reduce over-population on Java and create a labour pool in other areas.

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