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44 Vol. II Boeing B-29 Superfortress THE CHAIN OF COMMAND FOR THE 20TH AIR FORCE IN WORLD WAR II 20TH AIR FORCE COMMANDERS General Henry 'Hap' Arnold- April, 1944 to July of 1945. LeMay- July, 1945 to August 2, 1945. Twining- after August 2,1945. 20TH BOMBER COMMAND. COMMANDERS Brigadier General Kenneth BWolfe- Early 1944 till July 6,1944. Saunders- from July 6,1944. LeMay- from August 29,1944. Ramey- from January 20,1945. Brigadier General Joseph Smith- between April 25,1945 and the 20th Bomber Command's deactivation on July 16, 1945.

Paul Tibbets standing next to Enola Gay on North Field, Tinian. This photo was taken on the afternoon before the mission and yet he seems to already know of the mission's success in advance. (OCAMA Tinker) 42 Vol. II Boeing B-29 Superfortress This is the housing of "Little Boy", the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. This of course is a facsimile, an empty and inert representation. It is on display at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory in New Mexico. Sweeney. This is also a display likeness to the actual bomb used, however, the two were exactly alike in size, weight, and appearance.

General Curtis E. LeMay would arrive in the CBI on August 29,1944, and assume Command. A superb leader, he would replace the 4 ship diamond bombing formation with the 12 ship defensive box formation. After each mission or raid, an intelligence summary would be posted to Bomber Command. lows. 49 INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY Mission Date: Target: 24 November 1944 Aircraft and Industrial Plants, Tokyo Area. Time Over Target: Enemy Opposition: AAA-Flak: Enemy Aircraft Destroyed in the Air: Our NC lost on the Mission: Results of Bombing: 12:30 Hours.

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