New PDF release: Body Shots: Hollywood and the Culture of Eating Disorders

By Emily Fox-Kales

Combining the analytical instruments of cinema experiences with insights from medical perform all in favour of consuming problems, physique photographs deals a compelling case for common media literacy to strive against the results of the "eating disordered tradition" represented in Hollywood productions and well known photographs of megastar lifestyles.

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PM ÅTU[ [MTMK\ML NWZ IVITa[Q[ PMZM IZM TQUQ\ML NWZ \PM UW[\ XIZ\ \W movies produced after the late 1990s in order to more accurately assess their impact on contemporary body culture and the most recent manifestations of eating disorders as they interact with new media and the global transmission of visual images. And while Hollywood may still be considered the most dominant and widely distributed movie producer, other world cinemas (such as India’s Bollywood and Asian ÅTU QVL][\ZQM[ I[ _MTT I[ \PM M[\IJTQ[PUMV\ WN  6WTTa_WWL QV 6QOMZQI and Riverwood in Kenya) are rapidly rising competitors.

After dazzling with luxurious visions of a teen fantasy world in +T]MTM[[NWZM`IUXTM\PMÅTUQ[KIZMN]T\WKPI[\Q[MQ\[^ITTMaOQZTPMZWQVM NWZ PMZ UMOI UI\MZQITQ[U IVL \MIKP PMZ \PM MZZWZ WN  PMZ [MTÅ[P _Ia[ But while a gentle didactic message may render mainstream movies politically correct, their visual conventions far more potently glamorize \PM[IUMK]T\]ZM\PMaKTIQU\WKZQ\QY]M)VLQ\Q[\PZW]OP\PM¹[PWW\QVOº of the woman’s body—the framing, lighting, camera angle, costuming, and placement of her image on the screen—that Hollywood movies UW[\ XW_MZN]TTa KWVÅZU IVL ^ITWZQbM \PM KWV\MUXWZIZa NMUITM QLMIT of a perfectly contained and restrained body.

Thus, while Shallow Hal preaches that a woman’s “inner beauty” []ZXI[[M[[]XMZÅKQIT[M`QVM[[Q\[PMI^aPIVLMLUM[[IOMQ[]VLMZUQVMLJa visual fat jokes at the expense of Hal’s obese girlfriend Rosemary whose bloated fat-suited body is juxtaposed with his fantasized images of the Introduction | 17 superslender Gwyneth Paltrow. The heroines of makeover movies are reassured that they are loved “just the way [they] are” but hotel maid Marisa of Maid in Manhattan LWM[V¼\ ÅVL PMZ XZQVKM ]V\QT [PM LZM[[M[ ]XQVILM[QOVMZ[]Q\_PQTM\WUJWa/ZIKQM0IZ\KIV¼\OM\\PMO]a]V\QT she’s transformed into Miss Congeniality’s beauty queen.

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