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By Candace Savage

The bee could have a mind the scale of a grass seed, yet in its short, five-week existence it really works as a brood nurse, wax manufacturer, comb builder, honey maker, domestic shield, and floral forager. Bees: Nature's Little Wonders invitations readers to take a brand new examine creatures which are either popular and wondrously unusual. It considers the range and biology of bees, together with their extraordinary sociosexual preparations (pity the negative drone), their quirky relationships with plants, and their startling psychological talents: What are we to make of bugs that converse via symbolic dances? The ebook additionally addresses the mysterious syndrome referred to as colony cave in illness and identifies possibilities for the conservation of pollinators. Enriched with cultural sidebars and complemented via a beautiful choice of photos, Bees is a must-read for conservationists, gardeners, and everybody else who cares in regards to the international round them.

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From the outset, however, her behavior also proved to be remarkably flexible. On the eighth day of her life, for example—when she “should” have been exclusively engaged in nursing young—she also found time to clean cells, cap pupae, build comb, and generally pitch in wherever she was needed. What really surprised and fascinated Lindauer was the amount of time that Bee 107 spent walking through the hive, poking her head into corners, or visiting areas where comb was being built, for all the world as if she were looking for things to do.

Meanwhile, on the margins of the comb, a small number of other females are being reared in special capsules and fed a lavish diet of nutrient-rich secretions, or “royal jelly,” a regime that triggers their transformation into queenly egg-layers. Together queen and workers are able both to produce and rear young, a combination that permits them to function together as one complete parent. Through the glass walls of his observation hive, Lindauer could watch the workers as they scurried around performing their household tasks.

Indd 22 5/12/08 1:24:51 PM T he Humble-Bee Burly, dozing humble-bee, Where thou art is clime for me. Let them sail for Porto Rique Far-o¤ heats through seas to seek; I will follow thee alone, Thou animated torrid-zone! Zigzag steerer, desert cheerer, Let me chase thy waving lines; Keep me nearer, me thy hearer, Singing over shrubs and vines… Wiser far than human seer, Yellow-breeched philosopher! Seeing only what is fair, Sipping only what is sweet, Thou dost mock at fate and care, Leave the cha¤, and take the wheat.

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