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SOLUTION 90,000 ϩ 600 ϩ 1 5 Standard Numerals is written as 9 0 , 6 0 1 Note that a zero appears in the tens and in the thousands places, making the expanded numeral shorter. D V Numerals to Words The amount of the lottery check shown here is $294,000,000. Can you write this amount in words? Here we will show you how to do that, but we warn you that the word “and” used in writing “Two hundred and ninety four million” in the check is used incorrectly. Moreover, the amount in the check is not that large.

6. 6 To do the actual rounding, we use the following rule: RULE FOR ROUNDING WHOLE NUMBERS* Step 1. Underline the place to which you are rounding. Step 2. If the first digit to the right of the underlined place is 5 or more, add one to the underlined digit. Otherwise do not change the underlined digit. Step 3. Change all the digits to the right of the underlined digit to zeros. Thus, to round 78 to the nearest ten, we use the three steps given. Step 1. Underline the place to which we are rounding.

6999 26. 8999 27. 9999 28. 9990 29. 9099 30. indd 19 770 for more lessons 11. com/bello 9. 1001 6. 808 16 go to 5. com/bello for more lessons 20 Chapter 1 1-20 Whole Numbers In Problems 31–40, round the given number to the nearest ten, the nearest hundred, and the nearest thousand. Ten Hundred Thousand 31. 586 32. 650 33. 29,450 34. 39,990 35. 49,992 36. 349,908 37. 259,906 38. 349,904 39. 289,000 40. 999,000 U C V Applications Involving Whole Numbers 41. Rapid typing The record for rapid typing with a standard typewriter is held by Albert Tagora.

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