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By Thomas Sowell

A set of essays that discusses such matters because the media, immigration, the minimal salary and multiculturalism.

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The cocoa grown in Nigeria and the potatoes grown in Ireland likewise both originated in the Western Hemisphere before Columbus arrived. A list of all the crops, technology and ideas that have spread from one people or one nation to another would be a list of most of the crops, technology or ideas in the world. The reason why all these things spread was, quite simply, that some things were considered better than others-and people wanted the best they could get. This is completely the contrary to the philosophy of the "multiculturalism" cult, where things are not better or worse, but just different.

If A has a right to something, then B has a duty to see that he gets it. Otherwise A has no such right. When it is a right to freedom of speech, then it is the duty of judges to stop the government from shutting him up-or to let him sue if they do. The big problem comes when it is no longer a question of rights to be left alone but rights to things that other people have to produce. When it is a right to "decent housing," for example, that means other people have a duty to produce that housing and supply it to you-whether or not you are willing to pay what it costs.

Maybe someday we will discover creatures in some other galaxy who can operate a whole society that way. But the history of human beings shows that a nation with millions of people cannot operate like one big family. The rhetoric of socialism may be inspiring, but its actual record is dismal. Countries which for centuries exported food have suddenly found themselves forced to import food to stave off starvation, after agriculture was socialized. This has happened all over the world, among people of every race.

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