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By Emilia Murray Ramey, Jody John Ramey

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I never thought about going to, or playing in a live rock concert when I was younger, but this changed after I wandered into a hotel bar in Everett, Washington, USA. I was in Everett with my high school jazz band, which was going to play in a competition the next morning. I was 14 years old. The hotel bar was an empty room, dimly lit, and had a small group of people sitting near the band. I entered the bar and went to the back of the room. A waitress came up to me and asked if I wanted to order a drink.

In the span of one year (the time I spent dating Jody), I went from knowing nothing about autism, to noticing similarities between myself and Jody, to seeking and receiving a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, to speaking about autism in front of international audiences. I think this would be a rather wild series of events for anyone, with or without a disability. However, knowing the status of my relationship increased my confidence, because I could draw support from my relationship with Jody. Conclusions and joint analysis With Jody’s story we can see a distinct lack of dating experience before he met Emilia, coupled with a huge focus on romance and marriage.

Sometimes Jody goes non-verbal when extremely stressed. More often he uses words to create a space around him, and he has developed several compensatory measures which enable him to contribute to a group conversation, even if he is not able to keep up with everything going on in the conversation. ” Jody might miss several portions of the conversation, to the point that he is having difficulty following what is being said, but there might be a point in which he understands that a particular word is significant, based upon what parts of the conversation he has followed, coupled with tonal emphasis on a word, coupled with facial features that might suggest strong emotion.

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