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By Harm J. Habing, Hans Olofsson

This publication offers with stars in the course of a brief episode sooner than they suffer a ma­ jor, and deadly, transition. quickly the superstar will cease freeing nudear power, it is going to turn into a planetary nebula for abrief yet poetic second, after which it is going to develop into a white dwarf and slowly fade out of sight. ahead of this dramatic swap starts off the celebrity has reached the top luminosity and the biggest diameter in its life, and whereas it's a celebrity detectable in galaxies past the neighborhood staff, its constitution comprises already the inconspicuous white dwarf it is going to turn into. it's known as an "asymptotic great department big name" or "AGB star". over the past 30 peculiar years AGB stars became a subject in their personal even supposing person participants of this dass had already been studied for cen­ turies with no figuring out what they have been. within the early evolution, so known as "E-AGB"-phase, the celebs are a section bluer than, yet differently similar to, what are actually known as crimson huge department stars (RGB stars). it is just within the sec­ ond half their anyways short lifestyles that AGB stars range essentially from RGB stars.

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On the other hand, if C/O > 1, all the 0 is bound up in CO, and surplus C atoms are available to form moleeules such as CN and C 2 ; see Chapters 4 and 5. Since normal stars and the interstellar medium have C/O< 1, the existence of C stars indicates that the envelope material in these stars has had extra carbon added to it. 3. :: ;'" 14 ," HB ... " ; 18 ", ... :' ~... , ReB . 5 Fig. 1. The HR-diagram of the globular cluster M3, using data from Buonanno et al. [25J. The positions of the main-sequence, the red giant branch (RGB), the horizontal branch (HB), and the asymptotic giant branch (AGB) are indicated There is another peculiarity of the spectra of some luminous cool giants that is readily seen in low-resolution spectra: Enhanced bands of molecules involving s-process elements.

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