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By Dharam P. Abrol

The international is dealing with foodstuff quandary because the starting to be human inhabitants is posing a chance to average assets and speedy imminent famine. within the subsequent 50 years, the worldwide inhabitants is predicted to arrive nine billion doubling the nutrients, feed and crop call for. Concomitantly, this case has additional annoyed due to pollinator decline all over the world leading to pollination obstacle. those difficulties were extra aided and abetted via an absence of prophylactic development within the conservation of biodiversity and elevated agricultural construction. between pollinators, honeybees are declining at alarming fee. the eu honeybee Apis mellifera is a well-studied insect. nevertheless the Asiatic honeybee Apis cerana which has supplied mankind with useful items, conservation of ordinary assets and pollination of agricultural vegetation is comparatively little understood. This ebook discusses details on assorted elements of Apis cerana biology, biogeography, replica, genetics, molecular phylogeny, interplay with different spoecies, floral assets, dance language, protection from insecticides, administration difficulties, lack of genetic range, behavioural defence, function in nutrition construction, livelihood protection and conservation thoughts for shielding biodiversity and embellishing crop productivity. The compilation of this e-book is exclusive within the experience that during the context of pollinator decline over the realm, conservation of this species may be a step for maintaining nutrition defense. The ebook can be valuable to beekeepers, pollination biologists, scholars, lecturers, scientists of agriculture, animal behaviour, botany, conservation, biology, ecology, entomology, environmental biology, forestry, genetics, plant breeding, horticulture, toxicology, zoology, seed growers and seed agencies.

The writer is a widely known bee scientist, honoured with a number of nationwide and foreign awards. He has released over two hundred unique learn papers, authored 10 books and visited Switzerland, Poland, South Korea,Malaysia and several international locations as designated invitee.

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2009; Moritz et al. 2010). The precise distributions of the remaining Asian species and morphotypes are summarized by Otis (1996), Engel (1999), Oldroyd and Wongsiri (2006), and Hepburn and Radloff (2011). 4 Honeybee Species Among domesticated honeybees, A. mellifera Linnaeus is widely distributed and most commonly recognized native to Africa and Europe, and subdivided into about 24 subspecies followed by the eastern Asiatic hive bee A. cerana, which is distributed throughout Asia serving as a great source of food security, sustainability, and livelihood security.

The indigenous bee offers a further advantage in that it keeps going even under adverse conditions; if the situation becomes really difficult, the colonies may migrate temporarily but the bees come back to their hives when conditions allow them to do so. 5 Characteristics of the Indian Hive Bee The nest consists of several parallel combs with a uniform distance between them. The nests have usually six to eight combs. A wide variation occurs in the number depending upon the period of stay of the nest in the location, space available in the nest 18 1 Introduction site, and its shape.

Nuluensis Tingek, Koeniger & Koeniger, 1996 is a subspecies of honeybee described in 1996 by Tingek, Koeniger & Koeniger. The geographic distribution of the subspecies is the southeast Asian island of Borneo, politically divided between Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. A. c. nuluensis is one of a number of Asiatic honeybees, including the more obscure A. koschevnikovi and A. nigrocincta (the latter of which has nearby habitat on nearby Sulawesi and Mindanao islands). While this was originally described as a species, it has since been determined to represent a geographic race (subspecies) of the widespread A.

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