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If two capacitors are used in parallel a resistor of 1000 Ω is usually connected in series with each, to prevent any transient surges which might occur if one capacitor fails from affecting the other. The power factor of this type of capacitor is about 002 at 1000 c/s and the capacitance stability about 5 to 10 per cent. Mica-dielectric Capacitors The main characteristics of this type of capacitor are low power factor, high voltage operation and excellent long-term stability at room temperature.

II (Oct. 1946), 398. BENNETT, A. E. and GOUGH, K. , The influence of operating conditions or the construction of electrical capacitors, Proc. Instn. Elect. Engrs. 97 Pt. Ill (Jan. 1950), 56. MCLEAN, D. E Conference Paper, No. 3596 (June 1961). , Theory of Dielectrics, Oxford University Press, London, 1949. , Dielectric Waves, Chapman & Hall, London, 1954. , Dielectric Materials and Applications, Chapman & Hall, London, 1954. , Dielectric Breakdown of Solids, Oxford University Press, London, 1951.

The power factor of mica is approximately 0Ό003 at 1 Mc/s, but can be as low as 0Ό0005 when specially selected and very dry. The permittivity is about 7. The current-carrying capacity of the silvered plate imposes a limit to radio-frequency and pulse loading and the silvered-plate capacitor is therefore less suitable for heavy current work than the stacked-plate type, although the latter is less stable and cannot be made to such a close selection tolerance as the silvered-plate capacitor. Soldered f , ν////////////Κ//Λ^^^^ Z^V/ Cera mie Dielectric Tube with Lacquer Covering Uvering Zt%\ Siive ^ ^ Ξ _ _ Insiside ic wmmmmmmmmmmmm^^m ^ / / ^ ^ / ^ Silvering on Outside Tube Second of on m formînâ Electrode Deposited of Tube forming One Electrode FIG.

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