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Come down with me. I will show you a little retiring room near the Queen's apartments which the Maids of Honor use to tidy themselves up and also as a meeting place. " "In my trunk. " "Wear something simple for the morning. After Mass the King receives his petitioners and then goes into conference with his Ministers. This evening, I think, there will be a play and a ballet. Then you can trot out your best jewels. " The air outside the room was cold and damp. Madame de Montespan tripped down the staircases oblivious of the draughts that swirled around her beautiful bare shoulders.

Shouted Angélique, whose anger was also rising. "You displeased the King by refusing his invitations, by your late arrival. " Angélique’s words stuck in her throat. "How dare you blame me for that when you . . you . . All my carriages, all my horses . " "That's enough out of you," said Philippe sternly, raising his hand. She felt her head bursting. The flames of the candles fluttered crazily in deep blackness. She put her hand to her cheek. "Come, come, Marquis," said the Duc de Gramont. " Angélique had never before endured such a humiliation.

After a moment of confusion she recovered herself to say graciously that since Monsieur de Lauzun had invited his friends there, she would indeed make them welcome. Cooperation was the least one could show in such unusual situations as turned up during a stay at Versailles. Madame du Roure was delighted. She had long suspected that Madame de Roquelaure was Péguilin’s mistress, and now she was sure of it. The room was no wider than its window, which opened on the woods. The curtained bed, which the servants had just made up, filled it entirely.

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