An Enquiry into the Ideology and Reality of Market and - download pdf or read online

By J. Lepper

Why do markets exist? How are they maintained? What are marketplace structures and the way are they shaped? This booklet addresses those primary questions and demanding situations the normal view that markets and industry platforms are 'natural', asserting instead that they're ideologically colored and of doubtful clinical worth.

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However, unlike Market Space, Market Time is determined by the cognitions of suppliers alone. Hence, it may not be possible to talk in terms of Market Spacetime (or Timespace) as if the two concepts were notionally consistent. The nature of Market Time depends upon the nature of the “before” operator, which economic theory does not make explicit. We propose an heroic assumption. 37 Hence: Reflexivity: If (E1 b E2) then ~(E2 b E1) Transitivity: If (E1 b E2) and (E2 b E3) then (E1 b E3) Completeness: For all E in Market Space then (E1 b E2) or (E2 b E1) or neither.

Price indicates the relative significance or value of the thing or relationship. When commodities are without or beyond price they are not as important as those for which money prices exist. There are even attempts through “cost/benefit” or “contingent valuation” analysis to make unpriced commodities appear more important by ascribing calculations of price to them. Limiting discussion to priced entities in this way limits debate to commercially defined categories and excludes many aesthetic and cultural matters.

Some argue that democracy leads inexorably to Market. From this, some have drawn the argument that where Market goes, democracy is sure to follow (Shin, 2005; Ocampo, 2006; Mandelbaum, 2008). Lockean democracy extends only to the enjoyment and disposal of private property, which is precisely the same scope as Market. Hence, invoking Locke’s reasons for democracy also invokes Market and vice 42 An Enquiry into the Ideology and Reality of Market and Market System versa. This is not a statement of fact about the world; mercantifers can and do exist inside totalitarian regimes and may be absent from significant parts of democracies.

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