American Indian Religious Traditions: An Encyclopedia (3 - download pdf or read online

By Suzanne J. Crawford O'Brien

This broad paintings is going past comparable surveys that spotlight basically on anthropology and heritage and explores the spiritual practices, events, associations, key figures, ceremonial structures, and non secular accoutrements indigenous to North the United States, from the precontact period to the current. Taking a deep and proficient glance particularly on the spiritual and religious nature of local americans, the encyclopedia locations traditions inside their historic and theoretical context, analyzing their relevance inside local non secular lifestyles and perform in addition to in the educational examine of religion.

Topics coated comprise key principles and matters, spiritual and political leaders, basic ceremonies, mythic figures, and comparable cultural topics, reminiscent of basketry, whaling, farming, and bison searching, that have non secular importance for local peoples. members comprise famous students of yank Indian non secular tradition, together with many that come from tribal traditions and will supply precious insights and observations from their own experience.

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However, Pueblo settlements along the Rio Grande in the south grew larger, and elaborate irrigation systems were built. Between 1200 and 1500 a people speaking Athapaskan appeared in the Southwest, having migrated southward along the western Great Plains. Based on linguistic connections, these people are believed to have branched off from indigenous peoples in western Canada. They are thought to be the ancestors of the nomadic Apache and Navajo. Their arrival may have played a role in the relocation of some Pueblo groups.

Most of the Plateau people lived in small villages or village clusters, with economies based on hunting, fishing, and wild horticulture. The Plateau culture area is an upland region that encompasses the Columbia Plateau and the basins of the great Fraser and Columbia Rivers. The Columbia Plateau is surrounded by the Cascade Mountains to the west, the Rocky Mountains to the east, the desert country of the Great Basin to the south, and the forest and hill country of the upper Fraser River to the north.

In the western part of the Great Basin is Death Valley, where temperatures in the summer often exceed 125°F. Sagebrush dominates the sparse vegetation throughout the Great Basin, with some piñon and juniper trees in the higher elevations. This somewhat harsh environment produces more nomadic tribes than regions to the west, and these tribes speak variations of the Uto-Aztecan family. The one exception is the Washoe to the west who speak a Hokan dialect. The major tribal groups of the Great Basin are the Paiute, Shoshone, and Ute, each with various subdivisions and offshoots.

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