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Acd-zip format, the project file and all media files are copied to a temporary files folder. acd-zip file, your changes are saved to the files in this temporary folder. You can customize the location of the temporary files folder. For more information, see Using the General tab on page 166. 1. To save a file, display the Save As dialog using any of the following options: • Click the Save button ( ) on the toolbar. • From the Edit menu, choose Save. • Press Ctrl + S . 2. From the Save in drop-down list, choose the drive and directory where the file will be saved.

ACID also supplies these tracks with a default color. However, you can change track colors to organize the tracks in your project. To change the color, right-click the track in the track list, choose Color from the shortcut menu, and choose the desired color from the submenu. Renaming tracks To rename a track, right-click the track name and choose Rename from the shortcut menu, or double-click the track name. Renaming a track applies to the project only and does not change the file associated with the track.

The sample rate range is 2,000 Hz to 192,000 Hz. Higher sample rates result in better quality sound, but also mean larger audio files. Bit depth Choose a bit depth from the drop-down list. A higher bit depth results in better quality sound, but also means larger audio files. 1 surround sound project. 1 Surround Sound on page 147. 1 surround sound projects. ACID limits audio sent to the LFE channel to frequencies lower than the value you enter. 1 decoder and ensures that you’re sending only low-frequency audio to the LFE channel.

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