Download PDF by Yasuyuki Suzuki, Susumu Ohya, Masayuki Matsuo, Takashi: A New Era Of Nuclear Structure Physics: Proceedings Of The

By Yasuyuki Suzuki, Susumu Ohya, Masayuki Matsuo, Takashi Ohtsubo

This ebook is a set of invited talks, oral contributions and poster contributions dedicated to advances in nuclear physics. It covers a vast variety of subject matters on nuclear physics, together with nuclear strength, hypernuclei, nuclear constitution, unique nuclei, clustering, mean-field technique, shell constitution, nuclear deformation, risky nuclei, and similar issues.

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The y-ray spectroscopy achieves almost 3 orders of magnitude better energy resolution and powerful for investigating spin-dependent AN interaction. In this paper, status and some topics of the spectroscopy of A hypernuclei are presented. lt2 The reaction has an advantage over the ( K - , T - ) reaction, which was widely used for hypernuclear study in early days, that it can populate deeply bound hypernuclear states. The ( T + , K+) reaction converts a neutron in a high-1 orbital of the target nucleus to a A hyperon in a low-Z orbital.

Comparing the theoretical predictions with the observed values, the clear discrepancies exist between the data and the 2N force predictions 19 Figure 1. m. 100 [%I 150 Figure 2. Differential cross section and polarization observables for d-p elastic scattering at 135 MeV/u. and these deviations are explained well by inclusion of 3NFs for the cross section, deuteron vector analyzing power A t , and polarization transfer cc- 20 efficients K$L,K&. All 3NF potentials considered here (TM, TM’, Urbana IX ) provide almost the same 3NF effects (magnitude and direction).

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