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One of the earliest datable instances is in the Vespasianic capitolium at Brescia, but once established, il long remained the fashion in the western provinces, and it found particular favour in the third-century fortifications of Gaul and Britain. In the town walls of Le Mans and those of the fort at Richborough, there was also geometrical patterning in stones of different colours. The amphitheatre at Bordeaux had pilaster capitals and cornices of brick in addition to levelling courses. The circular Temple of Vesunna at Perigueux had, for its window arches, voussoirs which were ahernatelv of tile and stone, and the brick courses in its masonry were not at regular intervals, but limited to one below the windows and two at a higher level.

12 The factor of seven in that number contrasts with the eightfold layout of the recesses in the wall and of the aediculae between them, a subtle variation in the rhythm of the decoration which seems to detach the dome from the cylinder upon which in fact it rests. The oculus at the top, the sole source of light, draws the eye upwards, but there is also a discreet note of axiality which runs across the rotunda from the entrance to the apse on the opposite side. There is no feeling of rigid enclosure within this building: the whole impression is one of soaring space.

Religious virtues. Archiin The innovation of combining conservaconcrete construction found its place in baths, theatres and amphitheatres, for which there were fewer hallowed precedents, and even then, the new techniques were made acceptable by being dressed in familiar and conventional clothing. Evidently, the outside of a Roman building should still appear to be supported by columns, whether it was so or not. Engaged columns had already been used for purely decorative effect on the Sanctuaries at Praenestc and Terracina and on the Tabularium.

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