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BS 1363-1:2016 specifies requisites for thirteen A fused plugs having insulating sleeves online and impartial pins, for family, advertisement and lightweight commercial reasons, with specific connection with safeguard in basic use. The plugs are compatible for the relationship of transportable home equipment, sound-vision gear, luminaires, and so on. in a.c. circuits simply, working at voltages no longer exceeding 250 V r.m.s. at 50 Hz. extra specifications are integrated for plugs appropriate for electrical automobile charging. specifications are targeted for plugs incorporating a fuse hyperlink conforming to BS 1362:1973. The plugs might be rewirable or non-rewirable entire with versatile cable. different types of plugs are distinctive protecting basic and tough use. Rewirable plugs are meant to be used with versatile cables conforming to the proper elements of BS EN 50525 (see Annex H), having conductor cross-sectional parts from 1/2 mm2 to 1.5 mm2 inclusive.

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C) In Clause 6, Procedure, either CTI or PTI is determined. 2 of BS 5901. 1, of BS 5901 based on the appropriate creepage distance, material group, pollution degree conditions and on the rated voltage of this standard declared by the manufacturer. c. c. up to and including V V Rated impulse withstand voltage V Overvoltage Category 230/400 300 NOTE 1 For more information concerning supply systems see BS EN 60664-1. NOTE 2 For more information concerning Overvoltage Category see BS EN 60664-1. I II III 1 500 2 500 4 000 a --`,,`-`-`,,`,,`,`,,`--- NOTE 3 Accessories fall into Overvoltage Category III.

The barrel is turned at a rate of approximately 5 r/min, (approximately 10 falls per minute). Table 5 — Not used. Table 6 — Connection of flexible cords Termination Conductor insulation colour 3-core Earthing Live Neutral Green/yellow Brown Blue 2-core colour coded complying with BS 6500:2000 No connection Brown Blue Cords as given in Table 24 of BS 6500:2000 No connection As supplied As supplied Only one plug is tested at a time. The number of drops is as follows: a) rewirable plugs marked BS 1363: b) non-rewirable plugs marked BS 1363: c) plugs marked BS 1363/A: 1 000; 2 500; 5 000.

1 Compliance shall be checked by the following test. 42) per litre of solution for 30 ± 1 min at a temperature of 20 °C ± 5 °C. NOTE Attention is drawn to the fact that due precautions should be taken when using these liquids as they are toxic. After the treatment the sample is washed in running water, any excess mercury wiped off, and the sample is immediately visually examined. There shall be no cracks visible with normal or corrected vision without additional magnification. 2 Ferrous parts, the rusting of which might cause the plug to become unsafe, shall be adequately protected against rusting.

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